About Spiral Photography

Like us, you know the power of great imagery to tell a story, draw on emotions and bring you into the world of the photograph. Whether it is a personal project, portraiture, your wedding or business, you should have the very best photographs representing who you are. Let Spiral Photography help you tell your story.

We love to work with creative and open-minded people who share our passion for detail, real beauty and outstanding photographs. Each project is about building connection to you and to the subject. By listening and understanding, collaborating and creating, Spiral Photography is able to work closely with you to capture your true essence and meet your photographic needs. Getting to know you makes all the difference in the final photography product.

Spiral Photography is based in Brisbane and services South East Queensland, northern New South Wales and beyond.

Dean Miscamble

Our lead photographer, Dean, is a soulful and artistic professional inspired by nature and the living world. Dean’s vision as a photographer is to capture the true essence and spirit of the world around him. For him, photography is a means of connecting with people, place and nature.

Working with Dean is a relaxed, calm and creative experience. He is gifted in putting human photography subjects at ease, and talented at finding beauty and power in even inanimate objects. His attention to detail behind the camera is matched with his skillful post production techniques, ensuring quality images from every shoot.

Emma Dahl

Emma is an earth-loving and artistic professional who has a passion for photography and graphic design. With a background in digital media  communications, she works closely with Dean to build strong client relationships and meet client needs and deadlines. She is open-minded, relaxed and loves a laugh.

With their combined talents and style, Dean and Emma offer a unique vision for your photographic needs.


At Spiral Photography our fee structure is flexible to deliver outstanding results  based on your needs, budget, business and scope of your campaign. Get in contact with us to find out more.